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Welcome to our Autumn/Winter 2018 Newsletter | Issue 3




TWI donated the1200 copies of the book to UOB thanks to the partners of Those Who Inspire Movement. Selected Inspiring Bahrainis from the book, such as Huda Janahi, Hamed Fakhro, Fajer Mufeez and Eman Nooruddin, also talked to the students about their commitment as mentors of Those Who Inspire Movement and how was for them to choose their career path.

The English Language Centre will receive 900 books to offer to their students as part of innovative pedagogy in developing English language proficiency. The purpose of Those Who Inspire is to empower Millennials and to boldly encourage them to pursue their dreams and, above all, believe in themselves. Giving students a copy of Those Who Inspire Bahrain that will allow young people an opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of role models and mentors from Bahrain.

"We know from experience that the right kind of inspiration can change the course of a young person's life. That's what inspiration is all about, and we are honored to facilitate that in any way we can," says Co-Founder & Publisher Delphine Barets.

For more information visit www.thosewhoinspire.com.


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