With a model integrating the components of institutional identity with media

news 06 06 2017 1b


news 06 06 2017 1dA scientific study at the University of Bahrain called on the directors of Bahraini real estate companies to reconsider the methods of developing strategic plans in a way that maximizes the use of social media, pointing out that these companies have not yet reached full awareness in exploiting social media.

The study, prepared by the Master of Media student at the University of Bahrain, Amina Jamal Al-Tamimi, was entitled “Using Social Media in Building and Managing Corporate Identity: Real Estate Companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain”. It confirmed the gain that real estate companies in Bahrain would achieve if they adapted to this new form of communication by attracting consumers influential in the social media outlets to market and promote the company and its activities, especially because the consumer trusts the experience of peers.

The study found that Bahraini real estate companies agreed that social media had credibility if the message was issued by the same source, that is, the company's own account, whereas relying on intermediaries to market the company may have negative impact that would damage the company or that the information contained might be inaccurate, which would negatively affect the reputation of the company itself.news 06 06 2017 1c

The study aimed to recognize the importance of social media in marketing and communications strategies and their role in building and managing corporate identity through monitoring how real estate companies in Bahrain view and manage strategies of identity building. The researcher studied eleven Bahraini real estate companies applying an interpretive approach based on observation and interviews and reflecting recent thinking about identity management.

To facilitate understanding how social media is used in the strategy of building and managing corporate identity in Bahrain, the researcher suggested an integrated model based on merging the components of corporate identity with media and communication means.