news 07 06 2017 1Dr. Hayat Abdullah Yousif, a faculty member in the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain, received the Advanced Fellowship from the British Higher Education Commission to be the fifth academic to receive this certificate at the University of Bahrain.


The Advanced Fellowship is awarded to academics involved in specialized programmes related to the development of teaching methods after meeting several conditions, including the ability to develop teaching methods, to support colleagues and to help them to develop their teaching methods.


Dr Yousef received this certificate for her contributions to the academic practice development programme, her efforts to adopt the latest values and practices in higher education to improve the level of education in the university, and to help her colleagues in applying the best practices.


Dr. Sana Al Mansouri, Director of the Unit of Excellence in Education and Leadership Skills at the University, congratulated Dr Yousef on obtaining the certificate, noting that this certificate is the culmination of the pursuit of collective and self-development in teaching and its methods, based on rigorous requirements.


Furthermore, Dr Yousef stressed the need to raise the level of higher education to satisfy the needs of the society. She expressed the hope that she will help to pass her experience to her colleagues in the academic field and encourage them to develop theirs.


Dr Yousef holds a higher diploma in academic practice from the University of York St. John, UK, and has been active in the supervision of faculty members who subsequently joined the programme. She then became a lecturer after the University of Bahrain offered the programme in 2013.


Dr. Yousef is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bahrain. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bahrain in 2002, a Master's degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from University of Manchester (UMIST) in 2006, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science from the University of Manchester in 2009.