His research focuses on finding workable solutions to industrial problems


news 19 12 2017 1The President of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Riyad Yousef Hamzah, has signed the decision of the University Council to promote Dr. Mohammad Ali Bin Shams, the faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering, to the rank of Associate Professor.


Dr. Bin Shams has expressed his happiness for the promotion and said: “The academic promotion is a necessary need that must be satisfied for the sustainability of development and giving by the academic faculty member as the system of academic promotion at the University is characterized by solid criteria that give exceptional value to the winner." He added that the promotion requires a great effort in several dimensions such as excellence in teaching, conducting scientific research, working in various administrative committees, in addition to effective community participation.”


As a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Bin Shams said: “The greatest effort I exerted to satisfy the requirements for the promotion relates to scientific research, which needs specific abilities and skills, and knowledge of research methods and the mechanisms of implementation.”


Regarding his present research interests, Dr. Bin Shams said: “Despite the importance of theoretical research, I believe that in Bahrain we need a research model that offers viable solutions to industrial problems and provides frameworks for development and increase in productivity in a professional manner that conforms to industry standards in order to be acceptable to the industrial sector. This type of research helps bridge the current gap between the university and the different local sectors. Therefore, I am currently looking at the feasibility of applying advanced industrial control methods, analyzing large data to increase and improve productivity, and demonstrating the concept of ‘Industrial Internet’ with local companies in the oil and gas sector.”


Dr. Bin Shams holds a PhD in Industrial Control and Automation at Waterloo University in Canada in 2010. Prior to joining the University, he worked as a system and service engineer at Yokogawa Middle East where he participated in the design and implementation of several control and automation projects for local and regional companies active in the field of energy.


Dr. Bin Shams has published numerous researches in international journals with a high impact factor. He has provided more than 20 specialized engineering courses to the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in various fields such as industrial automation, control devices, petroleum and petrochemical operations, and applications of multivariate statistics in the industrial sector.