Proposals to Develop Diplomatic Translation Programme and Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

College of Arts Conducts Comprehensive Academic Programme Evaluation

dr aziz bulailah2Dr. Abdulaziz Bulaila, Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Bahrain, said that the College is currently conducting a comprehensive evaluation of its academic programmes to develop an overarching Quality Assurance (QA) framework that meets the labour market needs.

Dr. Bulaila pointed out that ‘the College is in the process of entering formal partnerships with local and international higher education institutions to facilitate the culture of collaborative research and knowledge exchange.’

The College of Arts consists of five Departments: Arabic Language and Islamic Studies; English Language and Literature; Social Science; Mass Communication, Tourism and Fine Arts; and Psychology. These departments offer 15 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The Dean emphasized that the continuous development of academic programmes covers a wide range of areas. These areas include getting exams moderated by external professional bodies and creating a culture of open communication with employers and professional institutions to meet the needs of the rapidly changing labour market.

News 12 08 2018 3‘Feedback is of utmost importance. By improving academic programmes and student intended learning outcomes, the College would succeed in meeting international accreditation standards. This would further foster our graduate employability,’ commented Dr. Bulaila.

‘To enhance employability, the College focuses on enhancing language and information technology skills. We are also working on developing more minor academic programs and adding practical training courses. Critical thinking, innovation and creativity are fundamental to all academic disciplines.’

Concerning the development of new academic programs, Dr. Bulaila said, ‘a proposal is currently under review aimed at offering an improved translation programme that could better serve the media, tourism, diplomatic and legal sectors. We are also considering the possibility of creating an Arabic language program for non-native speakers.’