News 28 02 2019 1aA robotics competition to develop students' abilities to design and program robots will take place at the UoB College of Engineering on Wednesday, 6 March 2018.

Ahead of The Fourth IET GCC Robotics Challenge on the 6th April, four teams from local universities will compete in the design of innovative robots according to standards set by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). IET Vice Presidents is scheduled to attend part of the competition.

Designing robots require taking into account technical specifications, weight and the ability of a robot to carry and deliver objects, as well as to avoid obstacles and collisions.News 28 02 2019 1b

During the competition which will be held in Hall No. 32 at the UoB campus in Isa Town, students’ projects will be reviewed by a panel of external and internal judges.

Hosted by the Canadian University in Dubai in collaboration with the IET, fifteen Universities will take part in The Fourth IET GCC Robotics Challenge in April 2019. Competitors are encouraged to build an innovative robust robot and compete in a pre-designed arena with space and time constraints utilizing their diverse academic and technical exposure.