News 13 03 2019 7Dr. Lamia Mohammed Al Jasmi, Dean of the College of Information Technology, said that the College is in the process of mapping the MSc in Information Technology to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

“To render it amongst the best universities in the world, the UoB strategic plan requires adopting a quality-oriented educational approach to meet future challenges. The College of Information Technology seeks to achieve the best learning outcomes and prepare graduates who are ready for the labour market. So far, the BSc in Computer Science, BSc in Information Technology and BSc in Computer Engineering have been mapped to the NQF,” explained Dr. Al Jasmi.

The College of Information Technology organised a workshop on mapping the MSs in Information Technology. During the workshop, Director of Quality Assurance Office at the college Dr. Athraa Al Mosawi explained the mapping process and how to prepare and fill in the Course Syllabus Forms and the Mapping Scorecard Forms.