News 28 03 2019 1aDuring a workshop on promoting research at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Mohammed Redha Qadar, Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, encouraged faculty members to apply for research grants offered by local, regional and international universities. He said that UoB improved policies and procedures of its research grants programme to facilitate application processes and obtaining research funds.

“Research grants recognise the importance of research for faculty members and serve as a catalyst to expand scientific knowledge, especially if conducted in collaboration with international universities and research centres. Research topics should be consistent with the National Strategy for Scientific Research (2014-2018) and the UoB Transformation Plan (2016-2021),” added Dr. Qader.News 28 03 2019 1c

He also stressed the important role of competitive funds, especially ones offered by prestigious universities in Europe, America and Japan. “Because of intense competition, securing a research grant award might be hard and the procedures might be complex and lengthy. However, obtaining grant awards will recognise the work of an individual or group both locally and internationally,” explained Dr. Qader.

During the workshop, several faculty members said that research grants not only benefit the University of Bahrain but also offer a learning opportunity for both faculty and students and contribute to research excellence in all fields. Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Hanan Al Buflasa, Assistant Professor of Space Syntax and Spatial Cognition Dr Joao Pinelo Silva, Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Wael Mohammed Al Madani, Head of Department of Information Systems Dr. Mazen Mohmmed Ali talked about the funding they received to conduct research.News 28 03 2019 1d

Dr. Silva, who took part in an international research project to design and assemble a polar lodge in Antarctica, said that many universities, companies and research centres nowadays offer research grants. He explained that it was very important to have an innovative research topic accompanied by a good proposal, detailing goals and mechanisms of research and backed by all supporting documents.

Talking about her own experience of obtaining a two-year research grant from Loughborough University in the field of renewable energy, Dr. Al Buflasa stressed the importance of research partnerships in promoting both faculty members and the university. "Joint research contributes to bridging the gap, achieving integration, paving the way for greater student exchange and supervising doctoral dissertations of students in other universities," she said.News 28 03 2019 1b

Dr. Al Madani said that international partnerships between universities are beneficial to all, including offering students the chance to pursue their higher studies and conduct research at partnered universities.
“International research collaboration allows researchers to reach out to their colleagues around the world. The University of Bahrain is currently funding a research which has given us a unique opportunity to deal with experts in the field from three different countries; Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia,” said Dr. Ali.

UoB research areas generally address national and regional priorities such as renewable energy, water and food security and sustainability.