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News 02 04 2019 2aUniversity (LJMU) will see the launch of the country’s first Big Data Science Masters degree.

The programme, delivered in Bahrain from September, will equip participants with state-of-the-art computer science skills to process huge amounts of data, as well as teaching them modern statistical analysis methods and how to create new data services.

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Positioning itself as a technology hub, Bahrain has a vibrant start up FinTech (Financial Technology) scene, and many international companies are now seeking to use the country as a gateway to the considerable Middle East and North Africa market, population 350 million. Companies such as Amazon and Huawei already have a significant presence in Bahrain and the Bahraini Government’s ‘cloud-first’ policy further demonstrates the country’s commitment to disruptive technologies and data science.

President of UOB Prof Riyad Hamzah: “We are proud to say that this Masters programme in Big Data Science and Analytics is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain and one of the first in the Middle East. This unique programme reflects the aspiration of the University of Bahrain’s transformation plan 2016-2021 to introduce multidisciplinary postgraduate programmes.

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“Multidisciplinary, project-based, experiential learning is critical to provide employers in Bahrain and beyond with highly qualified graduates who are able to not just add value but create insights through data; turning big data to smart data is the value proposition. By equipping students with deep subject knowledge, combined with practical learning using advanced software and high performing computing, we are able to allow students and companies to use data like never before; as a source of innovation and redesign.

“Our colleagues at Liverpool John Moores University validated this programme, enabling students to gain a UK award. This is an excellent outcome for anyone enrolling on this programme and reflects the University of Bahrain as an international university, working with partners who share our passion for making the difference.”

Head of Strategy at UOB, Cameron Mirza: “The Kingdom of Bahrain has become a hub for technology, attracting Fintech companies and start-ups from around the world that are based on a platform led by disruptive technology. As the national university, our role is to look beyond the curve and identify future skills and job opportunities. I am confident that the rise of AI and machine learning will mean that data is essential to innovation. The new economy is the data economy.”

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LJMU’s Interim Vice-Chancellor, Mark Power: “As LJMU aims to strengthen global engagement and drive innovation in industry, we are delighted to be working with the University of Bahrain, one of the leading higher education institutions in the Middle East.

“The ‘big data science’ movement is developing at speed and is transforming how internet companies and researchers over the world address traditional problems.News 02 04 2019 2f