News 01 04 2019 1bThe College of Health Sciences held an oath taking ceremony of B.Sc. Nursing students at the college’s headquarters in Salmanyia Medical Complex on Wednesday, 27 March 2019. During the ceremony, candles were also lit. As an international symbol of nursing, lighting candles means that nurses will pass on the flame of hope, empathy and compassion to their patients while carrying out their duties.

More than 150 students pledged to faithfully practice their nursing profession, to devote themselves to looking after their patients, to nurse those who are ill wherever they may be and whenever they are in need, to hold in confidence all personal matters and to adhere to the principles of veracity, justice and fidelity.

During the Ceremony, Dean of the College of Health Sciences Dr. Amal Akleh, addressed the students, saying: "I assure you that by wearing this white uniform and taking the oath, a great responsibility has been placed upon your shoulders. You are now expected to provide the best nursing care to whoever needs it regardless of race, colour, sex or religious belief.”News 01 04 2019 1a

Dr. Akleh also pointed out that the Department of Nursing is continuously improving its academic programmes by adopting well-developed curricula compatible with international standards. It has introduced simulation as an effective teaching method which allows students to develop skills through practice in a context that mirrors real-life conditions.

On behalf of all the students, Ms. Eman Shaker expressed her delight in wearing the official white uniform for the first time. “We are taking the first steps towards realizing our dream of becoming future nurses,” said Ms. Shaker.

The ceremony was attended by academic and administrative staff of the Department of Nursing.