News 14 04 2019 3aNews 14 04 2019 3bUoB Quality Assurance and Accreditation Centre (QAAC) organised a training workshop on the use of the electronic system ACADEM.
Ms. Lamia Nauman Al Shurbaji, UoB Quality Follow-up and Support, said: “Many universities and higher education institutions around the world work with ACADEM. The two-day workshop offered training to sixteen faculty members from the College of Business Administration, College of Information Technology, College of Applied Sciences and Bahrain Teachers College (BTC). We have started with these colleges and hopefully in due course expand to all university colleges.”

ACADEM is a solution dedicated to supporting the digital transformation of quality systems and academic accreditation at the University of Bahrain. It provides a unique platform for data analysis, reporting and decision-making, explained Ms. Al Shurbaji.