News 14 04 2019 1dNews 14 04 2019 1aUoB Department of Chemistry organized an Intensive Symposium on Materials Science Between Theory and Application. The symposium was attended by Prof. Riyad Y. Hamza, President of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa El Helou, Dean of the College of Science, and several faculty members and students.

News 14 04 2019 1cProfessor Sherif Hussein Kandil from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Alexandria in Egypt, said that science has managed to manufacture heat and flame-resistant materials used widely in spacecrafts, pointing out that several legal legislations recommends the use of such materials in constructing houses.

Prof. Kandil provided scientific analysis of the progress of fire science and fire techniques and prevention. He explained how early humans used and controlled fire and how it was later used in the industry.

He talked about the fire triangle which requires air, fuel, and a source of ignition for a fire or explosion to occur and how an explosion would be impossible if one of the three is removed. He also highlighted the hottest part of a flame and the reasons behind that.