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The web conference aims to convene academic practitioners, researchers and higher education stakeholders to share their experiences, perspectives and research results concerning English language teaching. More than ever, the teaching of English language in higher education institutions is currently shaped by the emphasis on 21st century skills based curricula, global crisis, robust technology, remote teaching, and UNDP sustainable goals. Moreover, in a post- covid-19 world, higher education along with the labor market will now have to operate in a very different and challenging context. This web conference, organized by the English Language Centre, University of Bahrain, brings about the need for faculty in higher education to share on how these vital aspects of ELL/ELT have further influenced the curricula, pedagogy, innovation, practices and reflection. The highlight of this web conference is to enable higher education faculty to set a vision and mission that equip and update English Language Learners with knowledge and skills for their disciplinary field and employment in any given circumstance.