Discussing the Development and Advancement of Technology and Higher Education

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Specialists called for the importance of accepting technical development, preparing for the future, and being flexible to bring about fundamental changes in the urban environment, and the different administrative systems.

This came during a virtual panel discussion (webinar) entitled "Returning With An Effective Vision For A Better Future", which was organized by the University of Bahrain (UoB) in cooperation with the British Embassy, the British Council and the University of Nottingham in Abu Dhabi.

At the beginning of the panel discussion, the President of UoB, Prof. Riyad Yousif Hamzah, spoke about the features of education in university institutions, and the impact of the pandemic in changing the patterns and methods of education and the future of higher education after twenty years, with the number of higher education students doubling, the transformation of education into a digital world, technology forming profound shifts in the usual business and the disappearance of some jobs, and the creation of alternative job opportunities.

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Moreover, the President of UoB stressed that the future will be closely linked to creative thinking, and a deep and holistic understanding of natural and human phenomena, given the rapid pace of development of science and the intersection between them.

While the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rudi Drummond, referred to the future prospects of diplomatic relations, the importance of Bahraini diplomacy and British relations with education and technology in discovering opportunities, strengthening relations and their outlook for the future even after 2040. In addition to focusing on the complete transformation to digital technology and directing energy towards adaptation and flexibility to create a healthy environment through clean energy and sustainable development, in addition to smart cities, creating new job opportunities and unleashing the growth of the financial system so that all countries benefit from this progress.News05082020 9c

The panel discussion was attended by several prominent international scientists who discussed how to prepare for the future, focusing on the fields of sustainable environment and information technology.

Among the speakers was the British physicist John Ellis, who discussed the future of the fundamentals of physics and its medical applications for development, starting with the basics of physics and practical application using technology and creativity, followed by economics and human development. Also, the Professor in Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, Dr. Shehzad Ansari, discussed academic research and innovation and their social and medical impact, while Ali Barca, a professor at the University of Salford in Britain, addressed the topic of "The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Toward a Better Future", in addition to academics from inside and outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain.News05082020 9d

For her part, the Director of the E-Learning Center at UoB, Dr. Fay Abdullah Al Khalifa - who moderated the session - expressed her pleasure with the scientific richness of the panel discussion, especially given that the participants were prominent scholars, noting that the dialogue that was raised opened horizons of knowledge for the panel discussion.