news 15 08 2017 2


The University of Bahrain (UOB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft aimed at mutual cooperation to benefit the university and students from Microsoft’s expertise. This partnership aims to improve not only the University’s ICT infrastructure but also to become a major driver of digital transformation in the Kingdom of Bahrain aligned with the national economic vision.


Professor Riyad Yousif Hamzah, President of University of Bahrain, and Mr. Sharif Tawfiq General Manager of Microsoft Bahrain and Oman signed the MOU, which is the start of a strong platform of cooperation and joint efforts between the university and Microsoft to achieve UOB’s strategic goals and contribute to Bahrain’s development.


Prof. Hamzah hailed the new cooperation and emphasized the role of Microsoft in improving Bahrain’s ICT infrastructure. He noted, “There is an unprecedented growth in ICT which will only continue as job sectors become more digitalized and automated. The job market both now and the future requires students who have strong technology skills. This joint agreement is another step taken by the university to prepare graduates who are equipped with the relevant technical skills and knowledge to be competitive and successful in the job market and improve public services.”


Prof Hamzah added “Bahrain’s competitiveness in providing the best services in both the public and private sectors is not only strongly tied to digital transformation, but also Bahrain’s high quality human capital. As Bahrain establishes itself as a major regional player in Fintech and attracting overseas investment as a startup hub, UOB must be central to this growth through leveraging our talent and developing high quality skilled graduates”.


Prof. Hamzah also stated that Microsoft Certified courses would be integrated into the university’s newly revamped orientation programme, which starts in September. He explained that students can earn Microsoft certification if successful in addition to studying English and math. This robust programme over two semesters is expected to enhance students’ academic and professional development, which gives them a solid platform for success. The certifications will help equip students with 21st century skills to be market ready and increase their prospects with future employers.


Mr. Sharif Tawfiq stressed that “Improving education and providing the best technological solutions for educators is part of Microsoft’s core principles in Bahrain and across the globe, and this MOU is another example of our joint success with UOB of which we have a 20-year strong relationship, in which we have had many successes, not only benefitting the university but Bahrain’s economy and its society as a whole”.