legalClinicBuildingIn 2013, in collaboration with the American Bar Association (ABA), the University of Bahrain launched the Legal Clinic and Human Rights Centre Program. This Program aims at disseminating human rights principles by providing law students with hands-on-legal experience to equip them with the various legal skills needed for the labour market, and to spread the culture of voluntary and team work. The launching of this program, as an outcome of the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, aims at raising awareness of human rights principles among citizens and University students from various areas of specialization.

The Legal Clinic and Human Rights Centre is affiliated to UOB College of Law.

Our Vision

Through the UOB Legal Clinic and Human Rights Center, the College of Law aspires to assume an active role in disseminating and promoting human rights principles among citizens and University students from various areas of specialization.

  Working Mechanism


  1. Managing the Legal Clinic course (Law408), which is one of the elective courses offered to undergraduate law students at the University of Bahrain. Under the supervision of a lawyer, students in this course offer legal aid and receive training that help in building their expertise in a particular area of the law.
  2. Managing the Human Rights Principles course (HRLC107), which is a University Requirement for all undergraduate students.
  3. Increasing legal awareness within the local community by conducting field visits and free lectures on legal topics. The Clinic also organizes legal workshops and panel discussions for specialists in the field of law.
  Our Working Values

  1. Equality and Justice.
  2. Professionalism and Commitment.
  3. Teamwork
  Our Goals

  1. Providing law students, through the Legal Clinic course, with hands-on-legal experience and training them to provide legal consultations and opinions.

  2. Disseminating human rights principles inside and outside UOB.

  3. Raising legal awareness in the community through free lectures and workshops.

  4. Organizing training programs and workshops on different legal topics in coordination with concerned bodies and entities.


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Preparation Form for the Final Project

Please fill in the form and then bring it to the Legal Clinic and Human Rights team.

Providing Legal Aid

The Legal Clinic and Human Rights Centre provides free legal aid to UOB students under the supervision of one of our partnering lawyers.

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Future Plans

  1. In collaboration with the Alumni Club at the University of Bahrain, the Legal Clinic and Human Rights Centre plans to open a new division concerned with following-up on graduates and collecting data and information about the labour market needs.
  2. To serve researchers in the field of human rights, the Centre intends to publish booklets and handbooks in both English and Arabic concerned with regional and international agreements, conventions and protocols which the Kingdom of Bahrain has ratified.
  3. To organise training workshops in writing official documents and international reports.
  4. To organise an annual conference to review the latest developments in the field of human rights, the role of the Legal Clinic and Human Rights Centre in Bahrain and neighboring and western countries, and the role of independent institutions in promoting various human rights principles in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. To organise an annual moot court competition for law students from different universities at regional level.

The Legal Clinic works in three parallel aspects: The first aspect is to disseminate knowledge of human rights, which integrates with outcomes of UOB College of Law. The second aspect is to focus on practical skills in education, training, and inquiry in a professional way. The third aspect is to focus on ethics, emphasize cooperation, communication and co-existence in student community, and promote volunteerism in the community.