Title Academic integrity and plagiarism
Presenter and affiliation: Dr Mike Calvert, York St John University
Intended Audience: Lecturers and other academic staff
Duration: 1 day: 8:45 AM to 3:00PM
Location: S45-108 ZAIN E-Learning Center, Sakheir Campus, University of Bahrain


The elephant in the room is plagiarism. The rise of word processing means that this problem will grow and grow and it is not being adequately addressed to my knowledge. We first of all establish what plagiarism is. We will look at some exercises to help you (and the students) understand what plagiarism is. Then we will look at how we can spot it and importantly what we can do to avoid it before it happens. Prevention is much better than cure. We will examine the institutional perspective and look at what policies are in place to tackle the problem consistently and fairly.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the function, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand what plagiarism is and its importance
  2. Inform and educate students about academic integrity and plagiarism
  3. Identify and deal with plagiarism
  4. ‘Design out’ plagiarism where possible
  5. Advise on policy decisions at Faculty level and beyond

Link to UK Professional Standard Framework (PSF):

Academic integrity is central to our work. We must ensure that the student work is their own and they are only getting credit for their own work and ideas. The values of the UKPSF are entirely consistent with this. We need to provide the right learning environment and apply the lessons of research to combat plagiarism.

Workshop Registration :

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Workshop Fees :

Fees apply for non-University of Bahrain Staff.
Rate: BD 150 per participants per workshop

Your registration fee will include:

  1. Access to the workshop for one day
  2. Workshop handouts and other material
  3. Morning break refreshment and Light Lunch