Title Assessment:  Modes of Delivery
Presenter and affiliation: Dr. Zainab Ali M.Redha - UoB

                                             Dr. Raed Aljowder - UoB
Intended Audience: Lecturers and other academic staff
Duration: 1 day: 8:45 AM to 2:00PM
Location: S45-108 ZAIN E-Learning Center, Sakheir Campus, University of Bahrain


There are many modes of teaching that one can benefit from to facilitate the diverse learning styles and to achieve the desirable outcomes. Our teaching and students’ learning is governed by many factors like their learning style, their expectations, topic delivered and time. Moreover, changes in pedagogical practice, as well as the development in technology have resulted in the development of different modes of teaching or modifying the more traditional approaches. Thus, it is the right time to adopt new modes of delivery for learning to happen!

This workshop will expose the participants to the latest approaches and their implication for teaching and learning in their classroom.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify your current delivery techniques in the classrom
  2. Compare different modes of delivery (the advantage and diadvantages of each mode of delivery)
  3. Rethink your delivery mode
  4. Apply diffrent delivey modes to your classroom

Link to UK Professional Standard Framework (PSF):