Title: Learning and Education Theories
Presenter and affiliation: Dr Raed Al-Jowder – University of Bahrain
                                            Dr Thuraya Al-Mansoori – University of Bahrain

Intended Audience: Academic staff
Duration: 1 day: 8:45 AM to 3:00PM
Location: S45-006 ZAIN E-Learning Center, Sakheir Campus, University of Bahrain


Designing effective learning activity that can accommodate diverse learning styles and academic background is one of the major challenges facing academics in higher education in recent years. It is a well-known that effective learning occurs as a result of effective teaching strategies that take into consideration different learning styles and use appropriate learning theories. To address all these contemporary issues a higher education, academics must not only have  knowledge in their subject matter but also have a critical understanding of learning theories and how to apply them to the cognitive, motivational, and psychological learning process associated with academic success.  This workshop is a good starting point for the understanding and application of learning theories in higher education. The workshop is practical and capitalize on reinforcing knowledge exchange between participant through educational activities.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the function, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain the three types of learning theory domains, namely Behavioral, Cognitive and Constructivist.
  2. Classify the well-known educations theories.
  3. Indentify teaching strategies for utilisation of learning theories in education practise.
  4. Evaluate the applicability of learning theories and the teaching strategies identified for managing higher education classroom in Bahrain.

Link to UK Professional Standard Framework (PSF):

This workshop will serve the employment of learning theories in designing and planning learning (A1), developing teaching strategies for supporting learning (A2) and to make the classroom more effective learning environment (A4).