Title: Peer Observation of Teaching
Presenter and affiliation: Dr.  Zainab Ali M.Redha – University of Bahrain
                                             Dr. Hayat Abdulla Yusuf – University of Bahrain

Intended Audience: Academic staff
Duration: 1 day: 8:45 AM to 3:00PM
Location: S45-006 ZAIN E-Learning Center, Sakheir Campus, University of Bahrain


The peer observation of teaching is a process that provides both the observee and the observer with the opportunity to mutually enhance the quality of their teaching practice. It is a reciprocal process, which if appropriately carried out, leads to a continuous professional development of teaching practice of both parties involved.

This workshop trains the participants on implementing the collaborate model of POT to guarantee the achievement its benefits. The implementation guidelines provided during this workshop will assure the dissemination of good practices amongst colleagues through sharing of ideas, joint reflections on teaching practices and providing constructive feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the function, the participant will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the value of POT in enhancing teaching and learning
  2. Identify areas of improvement in their own practice
  3. Provide constructive feedback to their colleagues
  4. Implement the collaborative POT process with a colleague

Link to UK Professional Standard Framework (PSF):

Though the PoT workshop the participant will be prepared to apply a very powerful tool that should have a great impact on their teaching and student learning. PoT, if used properly as explained in the workshop, could be utilized as an informal way for evaluating the participant’s practice (K5). It is considered an effective tool for getting constructive feedback on teaching practice from peers that can be used for development (A5). However, to actually benefit from the PoT process, the participants should value the need for evaluating the effectiveness of their teaching practice and be  willing to continuously  improve for the benefit of the entire institution (V3). Through this workshop, participants will build an awareness of the impact of POT on higher education.