Title: Critical Thinking
Presenter and affiliation: Dr. Zainab M.Redha, UOB
Intended Audience: All academic staff
Duration: 1 day: 8:45 AM to 01:30PM
Location: S45-006 ZAIN E-Learning Center, Sakheir Campus, University of Bahrain


The ability to think clearly and rationally is essential not only to the academics but also the occupational and personal development of their students. Thus, critical thinking needs to be considered as an integral part of our practice and not as an addition to the content. It is also one of the top required employability skills and is essential to everyday problem solving. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic concepts of critical thinking and the elements of thought. It will discuss the benefits of critical thinking and will identify main required skill and traits. The workshop will also include hands-on activities that are illustrate the application of different critical thinking strategies and techniques that foster deep learning. Furthermore, participants will be introduced to the art of Socratic questioning. They will learn how to question students Socratically; how to design assignments, activities, and tests that require critical thinking; and how to assess critical thinking skills and abilities.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the function, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the definitions and constructs of Critical Thinking
  2. Recognize some of the benefits associated with teaching Critical Thinking
  3. Identify and apply some practical methods of developing students’ critical thinking skills.
  4. Evaluate his/her critical thinking abilities

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