MohammedRedhaQadarRecently Research is highly regarded on all levels, and developed nations have used this as a fundamental pillar in expanding their knowledge, in settling societal problems and applying solutions. Moreover, it serves in building individuals’ capabilities as well as accountability so that community development and human development is always renewed.

Therefore, the University of Bahrain has made the development of scientific research the very core of its strategy with the aim of developing its faculty members and spreading the culture of research in society. Consequently they can contribute to community and economic development that can be witnessed across the Kingdom. The Deanship of Scientific Research contributes through its specialized units as well as across various projects and initiatives. Such activities cultivate research within the university with the support of both material and morale.

Among the Deanship’s most important initiatives and services, it provides for researchers is the project funding for faculty members throughout the various university colleges. Furthermore, it facilitates field work, provides hardware and software, and approves specific grants according to each project.

The Deanship also allocates monetary rewards for research conducted by university faculty members that have been published in scientific magazines of prestigious rankings in order to encourage and recognize their achievements.

In the context of faculty members producing notable scientific research, the Deanship launched an annual monetary prize for the largest quantity of research produced on the departmental and college levels for researchers in the Colleges of the Sciences and Humanities. The Deanship also provides writing arbitration services for faculty members and their scientific manuscripts for the purpose of teaching, academic excellence, and publishing the sciences. Moreover, it assists faculty members on intellectual property protection for patents, copyright and trademark rights.

Lastly, the Deanship of Scientific Research also extends its services to the local community for scientific projects in the public and private sector through contracting and advanced technical consulting, targeting the development of the community’s institutions and solving its problems.

The Deanship intends to make each of these initiatives and services part of the core strategy of the University of Bahrain in encouraging scientific research. It serves to strengthen partnerships with local institutions to meet the goals of the National Strategy for scientific research in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Mohammed Redha Qadar
Dean of Scientific Research