1. To achieve the mission of the university associated with scientific research and implement the policy so determined, in accordance with national strategies related to scientific research.
  2. Follow up on the admission procedures for graduate students in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  3. Co-ordination plans and programs of the different graduate studies with the respective colleges.
  4. Foster application of graduate studies regulations and systems, and completing the procedures for granting graduate degrees to postgraduate students.
  5. Approving dissertation proposals and appointing supervisors in coordination with the colleges.
  6. Appointing the committees to discuss dissertations in coordination with the colleges and according to the followed rules.
  7. Setting policies and regulations for scientific publishing at the university, supervising their implementation, and work on developing scientific research and remove obstacles facing it.
  8. Approve plans and projects of scientific research at the university, and determine the eligibility of financial support in accordance with university systems and regulations.
  9. Proposing and recommending the budget for scientific research.
  10. Seeking partnerships with parties outside the university (in accordance with the rules and regulations) in order to finance and support scientific research for the purpose of providing scientific solutions to societal problems, and linking the university with community issues.
  11. Representing the university in terms of scientific research, consultations and contractual studies with external parties provided the approval of the president.
  12. Studying cooperation agreements with other universities and organizations, and providing recommendations for them.
  13. Communicate with concerned bodies inside and outside the Kingdom to achieve the objectives of the Deanship.
  14. Setting up and supervise the printing, distribution, exchange and sponsorship policies for scientific journals and university press.
  15. Approving the size, format and output of the scientific journals, the number of copies printed out, the methods of distribution, and the destinations of dedication based on the recommendations of its editorial boards.
  16. Discuss the annual budget of scientific journals and approve their annual accounts.
  17. Approve the nomination of the members of the advisory bodies based on the recommendations of the editorial board.
  18. Approve the nomination of the editorial boards for the scientific journals based on the recommendations of the editor, and in coordination with the concerned Dean.