The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research aspire to achieve the following goals:
  1. Positioning the scientific research at a high value among university, while facilitating the process of scientific research for university faculty members as well as students.
  2. Enable university faculty members and students to master the skills of scientific research in their fields of specialization, and facilitate the scientific publishing for the university faculty members.
  3. Coordinating the research efforts between the Deanship, and the various faculties and centers of the University.
  4. Establishing research partnership between the Deanship at the University of Bahrain, and scientific research centers outside the university, at the local, regional, and international levels.
  5. Building effective relations between the Deanship and the official and civil society institutions in the field of scientific research.
  6. Increasing the sources of fund of the Deanship in order to reduce the dependence on the university budget in the field of supporting scientific research.
  7. Coordinating between the faculties of the university in the introduction of graduate programs (MA and PhD) that serves the objectives of Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.
  8. Providing postgraduate education opportunities for researchers to achieve the best scientific results, and introduce graduate programs which cope with the policy of reform of higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  9. Preparation of qualified national cadres in various fields of scientific and cognitive competence.
  10. Increase the scientific publications in order to improve the ranking of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the number of researches per each faculty member.
  11. Establish the largest base of specialized researchers to provide educational institutions and other scientific and professional institutions in the Kingdom.
  12. Paying attention to the specialized researches with productive scientific outputs and directing the students to them in the master's and doctorate stages.
  13. Coordination with colleges to achieve the best use of their available academic staff and laboratories.
  14. Encourage scientific research and linking it to the needs of society via building scientific and professional capacities that influence various sectors of society.
  15. Enhancing the scientific rank of the university and linking it to other institutions inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  16. Promote the dissemination of scientific production in the University of Bahrain, develop it, and preserve it with an information base using means of technology, in order to achieve its ambitions to be a strong supporter of knowledge production and dissemination.
  17. Unify publishing policies in the scientific journals issued by the university, and linking them to one higher reference, to ensure regularity in the issuance, and raise them to the level of classified and indexed scientific journals worldwide.
  18. Facilitate the exchange of information in the field of scientific publications between the University of Bahrain, and regional/international universities as well as relevant research institutions.
  19. Market the Deanship’s scientific publications (both journals and books published by the university), and participate in conferences and book fairs that occur locally, regionally and internationally to introduce the scientific production of the university.
  20. Train the researchers and raise their efficiency through holding seminars and workshops related to issues of research and scientific publication.