1. The implementation of studies and research related to the economy of Bahrain.
  2. The organization of workshops in the field of economy and business.
  3. The organization of conferences and seminars in economy.
  • The FBSU intends to found itself as one of the major economic consulting and advising center.
  • Putting forth all the efforts to win contractual research and studies from Businesses and Government.
  • Present in-depth explanations on the ever-changing economic conditions by publishing economic and business books, studies, research findings, and articles.
  • The BFUS is planed to be the host of main economic indicators for Bahrain aggregate and sub- aggregate economic activities.
The Business and Finance Studies Unit (FBSU) is a multi-disciplinary research unit within the University of Bahrain. It was known originally as the Economic Studies Unit, and to the date, the studies of economics and business entrepreneurs are the key areas of research.

Our research is distinctively well-versed as it draws on expertise ranging from the faculties and researchers of Economics, Banking, Finance, Business, Management, and Quantitative Methods.

Increasingly, we are looking to work in regional and international collaboration, i.e., involves collaboration with the GCC and international universities and research institutions.

The BFSU carries on research and studies on numerous topics such as income growth and distribution, productivity studies, poverty, unemployment, and business and economic demographics.

BFSU custom-made studies are performed on a fee-for-service basis. Short list of these services is:

  • Economic and Business Studies.
  • Productivity Measurement and Analysis.
  • Economic Data Aggregation and Analysis.
  • Survey and Demographic Analysis.