The humanitarian Researches are important for individuals and communities because it concentrate on the important issues that the community suffers from in its educational, social and linguistic fields.

The Humanities & Educational Unit promotes the importance of scientific research in both humanitarian and educational fields.

That is to face life difficulties and its challenges and to encourage educational, social, cultural and media institutes to benefit from the scientific staff in the University of Bahrain in order to conduct scientific researches as well as to serve those institutes to achieve their objectives.

Since it was established in the year 2005, the Unit has been completed a set of contractual studies, It offers training courses and scientific advice to local government institutes and regional centers.

The Unit intends to expand its partnership with institutes in the community by continuing to make contractual studies with them, and offering them consultations.

While supporting researchers in the University of Bahrain, it is also stresses choose of the studies that care of the problems related to the society of Bahrain, in the educational and the humanitarian fields. The studies should be related to their real needs and measures the contribution of scientific development.