• Organizing varied activities for educating the public and professionals about the importance of molecular biology and ways of making use of its applications.
  • Working with scientific research centers and specialized establishments through contractual research to make use of molecular biology techniques in different fields (medical, agricultural, industrial, legal and judicial).
  • Establishing an awareness center for providing information about diseases, contemporary treatments, places where alternative treatments are available and ways to obtain such treatments in addition to working to making these treatments available locally.
  • Cooperation with medical establishments to make use of the nutrition techniques in the early diagnosis and increase the public awareness of their causes to reduce their spread as well as working to provide alternative treatments.
  • Working with specialized establishments to apply the suitable techniques asking proper use of genetically foods.
  • Working towards making use of these technologies in social applications.
  • Making use of molecular biology in legal and judicial applications.
Welcome to the web page of the Nutrition and Health Studies Unit. Some may have curiosity about the name of the unit that may sound somehow strange. Then, what is the basis for this name?

As we know, matter around us is made up of more than 100 elements that are composed of atoms existing in some cases individually or, mostly, united with other atoms forming molecules. There are Nutrition that unique to living organisms. They give them their structures and carry out the vital reactions in them that distinguish them from non-living organisms.

Living organisms are made up of microscopic units called cells. In the center of a cell is a nutrition that contains nucleic acids that direct the synthesis of proteins and enzymes. The latter is responsible for synthesis of the rest of molecules in the cell. Cellular molecules carry out the vital reactions of the cell.

Nutrition and Health is a science that focuses on studying these reactions to understand what takes place in the living organisms and the feasibility of controlling these reactions to benefit from them in the medical, agricultural and industrial fields such as treatment of disease, manufacturing of medicine and production high quality plants and animals.

This research unit was established based on realizing the great importance of this science and realizing the great potential of recent discoveries such as cloning, genetic engineering and stem cell technology. We hope that through this unit we will be able to catch up with these discoveries, participate in them and make use of them at the local and regional levels.