This unit is considered one of the important of pillars of the Deanship of Scientific Research. It offers the following services: 

This kind of services is offered to the UOB faculty, and to students of the undergraduate and postgraduate levels either from inside or outside the UOB at the following levels:

  1. Deanship of Scientific Research level:
    • It offers support to the Dean, and the heads of the Studies & Research units of the Deanship.
    • In coordination with the Deanships of Students Affairs and Admission and Registration it chooses students who are willing to offer their research support to the Deanship of Scientific Research.
    • It coordinates all the activities related to the process of Scientific Publication.

The office coordinates the process of refereeing new publications (books or articles) with outside referees to make sure that the publications meet the necessary requirements in terms of form, content, and methodology. After publication the publication is fully approved it will be printed and published via the Deanship of Scientific Research.

The publication is usually reefed for the following purposes:

  • To be used as a textbook.
  • To be used for academic promotion.
  • To be published in refereed scientific journals.
The database of the Deanship has been created to include information about both contracted and sponsored research project, refereed research articles and books, training is programs, workshops and conferences, researchers and other authors, and referees (their names, books, specializations, contact information …etc).

The purpose is to safeguard the scientific heritage of the Deanship, to manage the database efficiently and effectively and to make information available for making decisions and writing reports.
  • Designing electronic presentation using power point.
  • Participating in preparation of conferences organized by the Deanship.
  • Offering all kinds of technical and logistic support to other units of the Deanship and to Colleges and Departments of the UOB when needed.