The Personnel Department contributes to the realisation of the University’s vision and sustainability by managing its human resources.

The organisational chart of the Personnel was adopted in order to achieve the human resources efficiency and development. The organisational chart includes the administrative structures of working forces, staff relations, salaries, staff records and information.

A number of directors were in charge of this department, including, Mr. Abdulrazaq Abdullah Alabbasi, Mr. Yousif Abdullatif Abdulmalik and Mr. Isa Mohamed Alkooheji. Currently, the director of the department is Mr. Shaker Hussain Aldoseri.
  1. Managing HR programs related to recruitment, scholarship, administrative structure, working force planning, promotions, transfer, secondment, motivational programs, incentives, health insurance, retirement and the end of service according to the rules and regulations of the University and the law of its establishment and its amendments.
  2. Conducting organisational studies related to mandates, structures and job descriptions in coordination with concerned bodies at the University, and updating them to meet future needs.
  3. Preparing and reviewing the salaries, pensions and the interests of the employees on a monthly basis.
  4. Preparing and analysing working force reports and submitting recommendations accordingly.
  5. Managing and following-up on the employees’ attendance system.
  6. Managing records of staff, faculty and students abroad.
  7. Following-up on the annual leave plan of employee and managing all types of leaves.
  8. Offering advice and support to all administrative units with regards to personnel.
  • Announcing academic and administrative vacancies
  • Preparing job reports and statistics for both administration and faculty
  • Issuing employee ID cards
  • Issuing work, experience and salary certificates
  • Subjecting employees to GOSI system and providing all retirement benefits to employees