The Textbooks Follow-up Office was established on April 1999 to facilitate the task of providing and selling textbooks to the UoB students, the academic staff and external buyers. The Textbooks Follow-up office is a division of the Vice President for Information Technology Services and Financial and Administration Affairs Office. The Textbooks Follow-up Office -through its coordination with all collages specifies the needs of textbooks for every academic year. Then, coordinates with the purchasing department at the University to supply such textbooks from various suppliers to offer them for sale at competitive prices, which enables students to get their needs of textbooks at ease and comfort.

The Textbooks Follow-Up Office carries out the following tasks:

  1. Coordinate with different colleges and centers in the University of Bahrain by sending reports regarding textbooks availability to every college or center to determine their needs according to these reports.
  2. Gather textbooks requests from each section coordinators from every college and compare such requests to set off the quantities required with what's available in the office stores.
  3. Coordinate with purchasing department in the University of Bahrain to supply requested textbooks from the suppliers.
  4. Receive textbooks from the suppliers in coordination with assets department and ensure they match requested quantities and specifications. Then, enter all related data in the electronic system and deposit the stock in the stores in preparation to offer them for sale.
  5. Distribute textbooks according to the needs of the sale desks at: Sakhair, Isa town, and the sale desk at the health science college at Salmania hospital.
  6. Perform sale activities to University of Bahrain students and the academic staff and other external parties.
  7. Participate in international and local books exhibitions held in the kingdom of Bahrain annually
The academic staff can access the office site to check available textbooks titles, authors, publisher, and available quantities.


The Textbooks Follow-Up Office provides the following services:

  1. Selling books to the students at UoB multiple locations.
  2. Providing academic body with their teaching material.
  3. Supply records of available stock of educational texts books if requested by colleges.
  4. Coordinate with suppliers in case of any issues with the sold/provided text books.
  5. Selling text books at international and national books exhibitions.