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There are many ways you can contribute - not all of them financial - and you may reap the rewards of your philanthropy, through establishing new business contacts or supporting talented students.

Many of our alumni have gained great satisfaction in giving back to UOB, helping to provide career-changing and life-enhancing opportunities for future generations, as it did for them.

There are many opportunities, so however much time you can give to UOB, or whatever expertise you can share with us, we’d love to have you work with us to ensure UOB stays at the forefront of education not just in Bahrain but within the region.

Here are ways that you can help:

Mentor a student

Mentoring is a great way to help enhance employability of our students.

Every mentoring relationship is different and students have varied needs when it comes to finding a suitable mentor.

A student might want to have a mentor in a sector they're interested in as a career, or they might want a mentor who will specifically work with them to increase their confidence. It might be that you meet with your student once a month, or it could be only every couple of months. We work with you and the student to ensure every match is as relevant as possible.

At present, mentoring opportunities are assigned on a needs basis. Students may have requested a mentor or they may have been recommended one as part of their ongoing development.

We will get in touch with you when an opportunity arises that matches your profile and you'll have the chance to discuss this with a member of the Alumni team before accepting the match. From there, we will work with you to ensure you feel as supported as possible throughout the relationship

Student Internship Scheme

Are you looking for fresh and exciting new talent for your business? Would you like to offer someone the opportunity of a work placement? The UOB Internship Scheme may be able to help you do just that. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to collaborate with the University to find and nurture new talent from our graduates and students. We are looking to work with all types of employers from global corporations to SMEs.

We have bright, enterprising and articulate recent graduates and students available for both fixed term projects and assignments (6 months) and permanent graduate jobs. The service includes the following:

  • Advertising the role on your behalf to our graduates and students.
  • Managing the responses and ensuring you receive applications that meet your requirements.
  • Providing you with a shortlist of candidates.
  • Managing the interview arrangements.

Work placements that are specific to your business

We are keen to work with and develop links with all types of companies. If you have never worked with us before or taken a student on a placement don't worry. We have a team with the skills to help you arrange everything quickly and easily. Our placement service matches employers with students to create opportunities for mutual benefit. The placements we run vary in length and meet a range of purposes.

The types of student placements available are:

  • One year placements - Taking on an in-depth placement for a full year, usually starting in the summer.
  • Six months placements - Splitting the placement over the year. This is great if you have a project on the go.
  • Ten weeks placements - Fitted in around the students' degree. This could be full or part time and start at varying times of the year.
  • Summer placements - These tend to be for up to three months over the summer period.
  • Part-time placements - These offer an opportunity for one, two or three days a week, for the long or short term. Some employers find this a cost effective way to have a student placement but can't afford someone full time.
  • Work shadowing - These are either one day a week over a period of time or you could offer them for a short period of time.

Advertise job opportunities to students and fellow alumni

You can advertise vacancies at your place of work to UOB students and recent graduates via our alumni office. Find out more on how to advertise vacancies to students and recent graduates or join our Twitter group to advertise to UOB alumni.

Speak at student or public events

UOB alumni are fantastic role models for students and we're always keen for alumni to come back and speak at a variety of events. If you're interested in these opportunities please update your details when logged into this website or alternatively drop us an email.

Career Panels

As you know, insight into the workplace, and the job market in particular industries is invaluable to students. These talks are around 60 minutes in length in a relatively informal setting where three to five alumni share their experiences with students, followed by a Q&A session.

Guest lectures
Topics covered might include the latest technical developments in Chemical Engineering, or how the rise of social media is impacting on traditional print journalism. These sessions are typically formal in style, in a lecture theatre, and may be attended by students and staff from a range of disciplines. They focus less on your personal experience and more on your professional knowledge.

Make a gift

We believe what we do at UOB is special and important. We hope you agree and will help us by making a gift to support our endeavors. Every donation, whether small or large makes a real difference.

With the right help, talented and committed students can reach their educational and professional potential. We hope you will join us and our highly valued donors in providing that help by making a gift.

You can make a gift.