As international trends, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics play a key role in enhancing top management decision making by predicting issues, identifying operational processes enhancement opportunities and reducing cost. The Implemented UOB dashboard is a success story in a government entity that was able to save hundreds of thousands Dinars using business intelligence tools and presenting it as intelligent dashboard. By tapping onto years of accumulated operational data, the solution gave the organization visibility on hidden issues, enhancement opportunities, avoiding certain misconducts and improving critical processes. It’s supported by many successful international cases, is a combination of IT solution and skill development of the internal resources, to maintain internal knowledge for continuous improvements and support.

Our big data are accumulated from their operational systems and been growing radically over last 15 to 20 years. Those data are residing in the systems and holds lots of knowledge that can be benefited from, if appropriately analyzed. After applying business intelligence techniques and tools, the decision support system (DSS) team identified number of useful facts that impacted both students services as well management decision in very critical issues, such as

  • Student’s performance and dropouts over the years. Hence enabled changes to enhance advising process to reduce the drop out and increase their performance (speed of graduation).
  • Enabled the management reduce the operation coast by bringing forward the dropout of students, that have no hope (too weak), for instance from third year to second year or earlier. This saved the university hundreds of thousands of BDs per year.
  • Gave the management insight of how the rules and regulations are being applied and their impact on the overall University performance. Hence, some of these rules were revised and fine tunes accordingly.
  • It is estimated that 10-20% direct saving in addition to indirect customer service enhancements and top management quick decision making from the real time information through Management Dashboards and Intelligent reports.

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