Welcome to the Bahrain Teachers College where great teachers are made and positive attitudes are nurtured. The desire to make the world a better place pulls us together and the vision of making Bahrain’s educational system one of the best in the world drives us.

Our mission at BTC is to train and graduate the best Bahraini teachers who are committed to life-long learning, professional behavior, and international best practice and to research based instructional strategies. It is a privilege indeed to be a teacher in a knowledge economy world where only the best survive and make a difference. As such we expect all of our students to do their best to achieve their potential and the BTC will be with them ready to aid them and show them the way every step of the way. Here at BTC we have very high expectations of our students including high academic standing, positive attitude and professional behavior at all times.

We welcome you to the BTC and wish you all the best while with us. We promise you that this will be a journey of hard work, learning and growth.