Applied Studies Cataloge 2018
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The College of Applied Studies was established following a decision made by the University of Bahrain's Board of Trustees during its 11th regular session held on 5th February 2005. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been working diligently in its goal of achieving Bahrainisation of the labour market so that there exists an increasing need to induct local technicians and professionals in various jobs and that they'll be able to successfully compete with the current expatriate workforce. Therefore, as the kingdoms sole national university, the University of Bahrain kept pace with these developments and began to offer academic programmes that meet the current and future needs of the job market.


To partner with the labour market in developing world-class curriculum that will help produce highly qualified graduates, and help fulfil the goals of sustainable development.

Mission statement

Bridging the gap between the University of Bahrain and the labour market by harnessing the University's potential in producing highly qualified graduates who meet the requirements of the labour market.

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