Web has dramatically changed our world. Almost all businesses, governments, and individuals transactions are now in form of web based applications. Successful websites depend on multimedia and interactivity. The Associate Diploma in Web and Multimedia Development has been designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills for developing interactive multimedia websites that support the variety of business domains in the market achieving their missions. The objective of this program is to produce web and multimedia technology graduates who are highly skilled and fully work-ready. The courses in this program contain a balance of current theory and relevant practical skills and help the student prepare for Professional


Detailed Study Plan

  1. Apply their technical web and multimedia background to pursue successful positions in web and multimedia fields.
  2. Work well in teams, communicate effectively and meet the social and ethical responsibilities of their profession.
  3. Pursing lifelong learning relevant to their profession, including earning advanced degrees based on their background or completing professional training.
  4. Success in modern web and multimedia practices, integrate into the local and global workforce, and contribute to the economy of Bahrain.

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