DrAbdulAzizBuLailaTThe College of Arts is one of the oldest colleges in the University of Bahrain, dating back to 1978, when the University College of Bahrain was established. First, it included three different tracks: Arts, Science and Education, but over the past 40 years, the College of Arts has managed to develop itself in a well-thought-out manner. Today it has more than fourteen different programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The College of Arts is distinguished today by the diversity of its programs, which include various disciplines such as Arabic and Islamic studies, English language and literature, media and its various branches of journalism, television, radio, arts, graphic design, tourism and digital media, as well as various social studies that include geography, history, sociology, and psychology. The College is also interested in studying the human being as a key axis to the various programs of development and empowerment, and as a responsible creature that carried the Trust and moral responsibility as mentioned in the Quran.

Unlike the other colleges of the University, which study the scientific material, engineering, finance, business, information technology, education, health sciences and applied studies, the College of Arts has specialized in studying the civilization of humans, their environment, their different languages, and their diverse cultures which confirm their Arab identity, their Islamic religion and their belonging to their country, Kingdom of Bahrain, in accordance with the vision of the wise leadership which always confirms that the human being is the most precious wealth of this nation.

The College of Arts has the honor of teaching the University's compulsory requirements, which were determined by the University Council, to contribute to the formation of the students' personality, regardless of their scientific specialization. The College also has a very significant role in developing students' skills, promoting their different interests and highlighting their leadership roles by supporting various extracurricular activities.

In this regard, the development and modernization process in the College of Arts have come not only at the level of academic programs, but also in the basic programs supporting scientific research, quality of teaching and linking the outputs of education to the requirements of the labor market. This reflects the higher policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain through Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and is confirmed by the University Administration in many forums, especially in the successive strategies, adopted by the College of Arts and set to be followed through five basic pillars: strengthening the scientific specialization, minor programs, practical training, and development of students’ skills in Arabic language, English language, communication skills, the use of Information Technology in education, and self-learning, in order to arm graduates of the College of Arts with comprehensive knowledge, enabling them through fair competition to enter the labor market with confidence, and making them the best choice for employers locally and globally alike. For these reasons, the College of Arts aspires in the coming period to obtain international accreditation for all its programs, to maintain excellence through investment in the human being and human resources, and to continue the comprehensive development of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Dr. Abdulaziz Bulaileh

Dean of College of Arts