The English major has two streams: single major and a major/minor degree. The single major programme consists of 99 credit hours in addition to 29 credit hours of college and university courses. The major programme has 69 credit hours in addition to 30 credit hours from a minor and 29 credit hours college and university courses.

Our programmes help students communicate effectively orally and in writing on a variety of topics and in a variety of contexts ranging from informal to highly informal situations. The programme exposes students to masterpieces of English literature in novels, drama, and poetry. It also helps students enhance their oral and communication skills and  provides them with adequate theoretical, analytical, and practical skills in linguistic and literary analysis.

In addition, it consists of a wide range of courses aiming at assisting students to develop their interests in the English language and literature, enhance and advance their analytical skills that necessary for reading and writing with more confidence about literary and non-literary topics, and use language to undertake independent research on a variety of linguistic and literary topics.


Detailed Study Plan

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  1. Enable students to become proficient in English
  2. Help students to develop an appropriate level of fluency and accuracy in using the English as a medium of understanding, expression and communication (both oral and written), with awareness of stylistic and sociolinguistic variation
  3. Help students to develop a level of proficiency in translation, interpreting, and creative writing. Develop students' understanding of aspects of the culture and society of the countries which use English as a medium of communication
  4. enable students to draw comparisons with their own culture
  5. Equip students with a range of transferable cognitive, practical and key skills, and a foundation for further study, employment and lifelong learning.