This program is offered mainly to sociology and communication students enrolled in the University of Bahrain. It is a 30-credit-hour program which is made up of core as well as elective courses. Students taking this program are asked to finish first the core courses before taking the 6-credit-hour elective courses.
  1. To train graduates to work in the ministries of labor and social housing, culture, media, health, interior and institutions of social development, youth and sports centers.
  2. To provide students with basic knowledge of contemporary general psychology and its application to everyday life.
  3. To keep up with the theoretical side of the field along with majoring in psychology to serve the field of sociology through a two-way field research and studies.
  4. To raise the level of professional performance of workers in the fields of social work and social research through training students to employ cognitive resources in the areas of sociology and psychology.
  5. To provide students with effective communication skills and dealing with modern technology.
  • Practicing psychological counseling after obtaining a special license to practice the profession.
  • Diagnose psychological problems and interpreted in the light guiding theories that are taught.
  • Interview procedures (individual and collective).
  • Plan for the therapeutic strategy guiding the development of strategies according to different guidelines.
  • Abide by the rules of ethical and professional career counseling.
  • Building diagnostic methods (interviews,,,,) and the preparation of reports, psychological tests.
  • Carry out scientific research in the field of counseling.
  • Awareness of the need for continuing professional development.
  • Gain analytical and critical thinking and effective communication skills with others.
  • Acquire dealing with information technology skills

Major conditions for enrolling in this program are:

  • The student must have been taught in the undergraduate program in sociology, or in the media (tourism)