The National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB) of USA has awarded the five-year Bachelors program in Architecture substantial equivalency status.

The 169 credit Bachelor of Architecture program begins with an introduction to Basic Design principles and graphics practices. These will enable the students to produce effective design communications. The program evolves from the first year to the fifth year around a core activity; Design. Design progresses from a simple small scale project to a large and complex project in the Final year with a Graduation Project. The students learn to design a variety of projects from a simple house to complex buildings like hospitals and hotels. They learn to understand social cultural, psychological as well as physical and environmental forces that influence the creation of spaces and structures.


Detailed Study Plan

Press here to download the 2014 Academic Plan of the program


  • To provide educational opportunities to students to understand the complex nature of architecture as a socially conscious design activity.
  • To develop an effective environment for teaching, learning and research.
  • To facilitate engagement in research and scholarly activities.
  • To contribute to interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary teaching and research programs.
  • To serve the community by working with government agencies, private sector, and professional organizations.
  • To maintain and continue to enrich the program itself by advancing the quality of education in architecture.

Upon graduation, a UOB graduate in Architecture should demonstrate:

  1. Being broadly educated in Architecture & design.
  2. An attitude to value lifelong inquisitiveness
  3. Abilities to communicate visually and graphically in a range of media.
  4. To trust the assessment of evidence
  5. An ability to comprehend people, place, and context
  6. The ability to recognize the disparate needs of client, community, and society.