The National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB) of USA has accredited the five-year Bachelors program in Architecture. The four-year Interior Design Program is preparing for accreditation by the Council of Interior Designers Association, (CIDA) USA.

The 135 credit B.Sc in Interior Design program also begins with an introduction to Basic Design principles and graphic practices. These will enable the students to produce effective design communications. The interior design program evolves from the first year to the fourth year around a core activity; Design of interior spaces. Design progresses from a simple small-scale interior to a large and complex interior in the Final year with a Graduation Project. Through these, students learn about functional, social, cultural, and psychological forces that necessitates interior spaces upon which materials, texture, colors, and other space-enhancing artifacts are articulated to create charming interiors.


Detailed Study Plan

Press here to download the 2014 Academic Plan of the program


  • To provide educational opportunities to the students to grasp the complexity of interior architecture.
  • To promote the innovative and creative exploration of spatial and environmental opportunities availed by emerging developments.
  • To produce graduates who will excel in the art of design and progress in their careers and acquire leadership positions.

Upon graduation, an UOB graduate in Interior Design should demonstrate:

  1. Understand the global perspective for Design.
  2. A human centered approach to Design.
  3. Refined skills in Design Process.
  4. Abilities to collaborate with other professionals.
  5. Abilities to communicate effectively.
  6. Abilities to apply knowledge of Interiors, architecture, art, and the decorative arts within a historical and cultural context.