The Bachelor of Interior Design is a four year full time program that admits students in September of every year; which is the beginning of the Academic year at the University of Bahrain. Any student who has graduated from a high school in Bahrain is entitled to apply provided that he/she has achieved above 90% GPA in the Science medium. There is a university-wide Admission Screening Test which ascertains the student’s general knowledge, English language skills and ethical background as appropriate for admission to the UoB. The assessment criteria for this test is available here ( Those who pass this test and those who have indicated Interior Design as their first, second or third preference are invited to attend a Department level ‘Aptitude Test’ held at the beginning of the 1st Semester of every academic year that is in September. Those who have been previously admitted to other programs in the UoB and who desire to transfer to the Interior Design Program are also invited to attend the Aptitude Test. The Department Aptitude Test ascertains a student’s, creative, imaginative and communication skills including the ability to express verbally in the English Language. A brief introduction to the Aptitude Test is here.

The program introduces the students to the fundamentals of design in the first year, followed by six design courses, offered in an incrementally complex manner up to the culmination of the production of a Graduation Design Project in the Final Year. This central facet of Interior Design is supported every semester by the introduction and exposure to a series of courses aimed at providing the necessary knowledge related to theories, philosophies, history, culture, construction technologies, environment etc. and skills related to drawing and sketching, computer graphics, visual presentations and design; particularly furniture and lighting design. They are also exposed to professional practice and project management, and other supportive areas of studies. There are also opportunities to explore one's personal interests in general through Liberal Arts courses as well as specific architectural interests by taking specialized elective courses. The Interior Design graduates are therefore skilled in Design, intellectually energized and able to think imaginatively, engage in their professional activities with passion and perseverance, and implement design schemes to cater to the needs of people while satisfying numerous needs and demands brought upon to an interior designer by aclient.

A student admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design will typically graduate within 04 years provided that he/she follows the program as offered by taking the necessary pre-requisite for every course, advancing through the courses systematically. A student usually registers for 15 - 17 credit hrs per semester with a maximum of five courses. The program requires that a student completes 135 credits through 43 courses. There is no opportunity for following this program part-time. Those students who do not follow the program as planned and fall behind the schedules could take a maximum period of six years to complete the program, after which the student will be dismissed. Itis also necessary that a student maintains a minimum of 2.0 GPA at any given semester to remain in the program. Those who perform poorly and achieve less the 2.0 GPA shall be given 2 warnings through 2 semesters and if the GPA does not improve above 2.0, then such students will be dismissed.

However, those who are dismissed have an opportunity to appeal to be re-admitted, provided there is compelling ground resulting from health or any other social issues. The University Council after due consideration may admit such a student and be given an opportunity to complete the program in certain circumstances.