The Civil Engineering Department has one of the largest student enrolments in the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain. This is indicative of the popularity of the Civil Engineering Programs in the College as well as its reputation in the University. This reputation was earned by the continuous improvements of the Civil Engineering Programs, which include up-to-date developments in Civil Engineering technology. Furthermore, the standard of our alumni contributes heavily to this reputation.

Our graduates are equipped with the capability of up-to-date technologies which enables them to analyze and design different forms of structures and their foundations, take active part in construction management, suggest innovative solutions in transportation and highway engineering and come up with environmental friendly suggestions in water resources, wastewater and water supply projects.

The Department is aware of the fact that in today’s competitive world any program would become obsolete if not continuously improved. Hence, the department is keen on being up-to-date with current technical developments in Civil Engineering technologies, both internationally and locally, and strives to develop its programs to include these technologies.