The College of Health Sciences (CHS) is a national institution. It provides high quality and comprehensive healthcare education for nurses and allied health professionals in Bahrain. The College was established in 1976, in collaboration with the American University of Beirut and The University of Illinois at Chicago under the administration of the Ministry of Health. Initially, the CHS offered AD programs in Nursing and the Allied Health professions.


Health Sciences Cataloge 2018
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The College has developed both new facilities and new programs since then, continually responding to the changes in demand from the healthcare sector. Nursing and Allied Health education in Bahrain has evolved over the past four decades, and led to a steady increase in Bahranization of nursing and allied health human resources. Following a royal decree in 2011, the College was merged with the University of Bahrain.

The CHS is located on the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) campus alongside the Salmaniya Hospital and the Arabian Gulf University. This location works to the advantage of the students, who spend considerable time gaining experience in various departments and clinical areas of the hospital. In addition to these training opportunities, students have access to different health centers, the Public Health Directorate and other specialized hospitals.

Since 2003 the CHS has been offering BS degree in Nursing, and post-basic diplomas in the specialties of Midwifery, Community Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Emergency Nursing. In September 2015, the Allied Health programs were upgraded to the BS degree in Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiography and Public Health. The Dental Hygiene program however, continues to offer the Associate Degree.

VISION [What we believe]:

  1. We enjoy a first class reputation in the international arena a regional center of excellence in health education, research and development, and quality of faculty and graduates.
  2. We are innovative, flexible and diversified organization that embraces, manages and thrives on change by adopting the most contemporary educational models and business practices, and by employing the latest technology.
  3. We empower our staff to be responsible and decisive, and we foster a professional environment of mutual respect.
  4. We are customer focused and put the needs and requirements of the customer at the forefront of all our activities.

MISSION [ Why we exist]:

  1. To produce the highest quality graduates in healthcare services who pursue lifelong learning experiences and actively seek opportunities to contribute to their profession and to society at large.
  2. To contribute to the world body of intellectual capital in our profession, and to share our knowledge in a continuous effort to improve quality of life around the globe.
  3. To be responsive to the health education needs of society, and be proactive in assessing and developing new programs to address these needs.


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