1. Provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive nursing care by integrating knowledge, skills and attitudes, applying evidence-based practice and utilizing critical thinking.
  2. Actively address ethical issues related to the protection of clients’ rights, and facilitate informed decision making.
  3. Assess health education needs at various levels of care, and develop health education packages to promote wellbeing for both clients and identified population groups.
  4. Utilize best nursing practices to enhance the safety and quality of care.
  5. Interact effectively with members of healthcare teams and clients in order to promote health and improve the quality of care through the application of management processes and leadership skills.
  6. Accept responsibility for personal professional judgments and actions in accordance with the scope and standards of practice and the code of professional conduct.
  7. Sustain competence by participating in life-long learning, research and professional development.
  8. Promote the image of the nursing profession in society.