RN-BSN Program was established in October 1984 to upgrade the educational level of the profession from AD to B.Sc. Degree, keep pace with the changing demands of the healthcare services in Bahrain and align with international standards of nursing education. It was the pioneering bridging program in the nursing specialty in the GCC.

The RN-BSN Program carries 38 credits to provide a dynamic educational opportunity for registered nurses who want to broaden their knowledge and advance their careers and meet the competencies expected of a BSN graduate. The RN-BSN Program is designed for nurses who already hold an AD General Nursing qualification. Its aim is to graduate nurses who will have the potential to take up leadership roles in clinical nursing (hospital and community), nursing management and teaching, and to apply the research process to the study of nursing problems. The program also prepares nurses to focus better on developing the organization and practice of nursing to effectively meet the needs of the healthcare services in Kingdom of Bahrain. The Program has been accredited by the Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET) in 2012.

The objectives of the BSN and RN-BSN program are to produce graduates who will:

  • Graduate professional nurses who are accountable, reliable and capable of meeting international nursing standards in providing nursing services to the individual, family and community.
  • Prepare competent nurses who are motivated and proactive, with a broad vision of civic responsibilities and ethical values in carrying out professional duties.
  • Graduate nurses who are capable of contributing towards the advancement of the profession and healthcare services through lifelong learning.
  • Empower nurses to create and sustain caring environments utilizing critical thinking, leadership, communication and basic research skills.
  • Serve the community by working with public and private health sectors to enrich the nursing practice.
  1. Provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive nursing care by integrating knowledge, skills and attitudes, applying evidence-based practice and utilizing critical thinking.
  2. Actively address ethical issues related to the protection of clients’ rights, and facilitate informed decision making.
  3. Assess health education needs at various levels of care, and develop health education packages to promote wellbeing for both clients and identified population groups.
  4. Utilize best nursing practices to enhance the safety and quality of care.
  5. Interact effectively with members of healthcare teams and clients in order to promote health and improve the quality of care through the application of management processes and leadership skills.
  6. Accept responsibility for personal professional judgments and actions in accordance with the scope and standards of practice and the code of professional conduct.
  7. Sustain competence by participating in life-long learning, research and professional development.
  8. Promote the image of the nursing profession in society.
  1. Associate Diploma in Nursing with CGPA 2.5/4 or equivalent.
  2. Minimum two years of clinical experience.
  3. Proficiency in English with a minimum score of 450 in the TOEFL or 5 on the IELTS.
  4. Bahraini Nursing License.