The College of Health Sciences offers a program for professional nurses leading to a post-basic Psychiatric Nursing Diploma (PSN). The program focuses on the importance of caring and compassion, whilst delivering evidence-based care in partnership with other health and social care practitioners, community, patients and their families. The program has been designed based on the international standards and the mental health needs of the community, which enables the student with the knowledge, attitude and skills to respond to the complex, diverse and evolving nature of health and social care provision. An emphasis is on the development of professional identity as well as effective communication and counseling skills. The program also ensures and allows students to practice competently in the field of mental health nursing such as Acute Care, Long Stay Care, Psycho-geriatric Care, Drug Addiction, Child and Adolescent, Day Care, Community Psychiatric Services and Intellectual Disability Units. The duration of the program is one academic year and students must earn 39 credit hours to achieve the award of Diploma of Psychiatric Nursing.  This diploma qualifies graduates to undertake further training in higher specialized areas of Psychiatric Nursing.
  • Accountable, reliable and capable of meeting international nursing standards in providing psychiatric/mental health nursing services to the individual, family and community.
  • Competent, motivated and proactive with a broad vision of civic responsibilities and ethical values in carrying out professional duties in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing.
  • Capable of contributing towards the advancement of the profession and healthcare services through lifelong learning in psychiatric/mental health settings.
  • Creative and sustain caring environments by utilizing critical thinking, leadership, communication skills and engagement in research activities.
  • Serve the community by working with public and private health sectors to enrich the psychiatric/mental health nursing practice.
  1. Provide holistic, comprehensive nursing care to meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and developmental needs of patients and their families in hospital and community settings by utilizing evidence based practice, critical thinking and communication skills.
  2. Use advanced practice techniques to educate individuals, families and community to enhance mental health wellbeing as a whole.
  3. Function as a member of the therapeutic team in hospital and community settings and maintain a collaborative professional relationship with multi-sectoral teams through application of management and leadership skills.
  4. recognize the need for and the ability to assume responsibility by keeping up-to-date with current issues in accordance with the scope and standard of psychiatric/mental nursing practices and the code of professional conduct to enhance safety and quality.
  5. Take responsibility for self-directed learning, research and professional development in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing.
  6. Analyze ethical issues related to protection of clients’ rights and facilitate informed decision making in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing practice.
  1. Associate Diploma / in Nursing with CGPA 2.00/4 or equivalent.
  2. Minimum one year of clinical experience.
  3. Proficiency in English with a minimum score of 400 in the TOEFL or 4.5 on the IELTS.
  4. Bahraini Nursing License.