This program aims at preparing school teachers to specialize in the field of physical education, and to organize and manage its activities in all educational stages. This is carried out within international and contemporary frameworks to prepare physical education teachers, and to train them about scientific research updates, and the values and ethics of the teaching profession, enabling them to take part in developing their society. They are also trained on how to be proactive in the applied and scientific aspects of the field to keep abreast of the updates in order to adopt and activate them.

The four-year study plan of the BA program of Physical Education is theoretical, applied and practical. The program consists of 128 credit hours, distributed over three major fields in terms of requirements: 1) university requirements consists of 11 credit hours(cultural preparation); 2) academic requirements consists of 33 credit hours(professional preparation); and 3) specialization requirements consists of 84 credit hours(specialization preparation).


Detailed Study Plan

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  1. Empowering students with the concepts, skills and knowledge related to the teaching and coaching of various sports activities.
  2. Familiarizing students with the basics of research skills in order for them to find effective solutions to some of the problems related to the teaching-learning process.
  3. Improving students’ skills to participate with their experiences in developing the societal sports activities so as to enhance the society’s status.
  4. Imbuing students with work ethics and principles to improve their general conduct.
  5. Teaching students to utilize information technology to develop the fields of teaching, training, scientific research and societal activities.
  6. Motivating students to improve their potentials through life-long learning programs.

The graduate of Physical Education in the University of Bahrain should have:

  • Specialized scientific knowledge that could make them outstanding performers in their field.
  • Broad professional knowledge about the role of the teacher of physical education.
  • The desire and aspiration for life-long autonomous learning and development.
  • Competencies to deal with individual differences.
  • The ability to evaluate and assess students appropriately.
  • The interest to learn and broaden their knowledge.