One of the major objectives of the College of Information Technology is to “play a major role in the development of industrial and academic resources related to information technologies, with the vision to make University of Bahrain a part of the processes aimed to transform Bahrain's economy into a knowledge-based economy by promoting efficient, sustainable and effective IT initiatives in accordance with Bahrain Vision 2030”. 

The College of Information Technology offers a PhD program in Computing and Information Sciences to advance the qualification of professionals working in the field of information technology and also to promote substantial research and development in this field.   The Phd program targets students who are generally seeking to investigate a highly specialized field of Computing and Information Sciences. Many graduate students with a master degree in any field related to IT are hoping to teach at the college level or work as a top professional career.

Curriculum Plan

Program Objectives

The graduates of the PhD program in Computing and Information Sciences are expected to have the ability to:

  1. Make original, innovative and significant contributions to the scientific knowledge base in their area of research.
  2. Engage in a productive research and development career in the fields of Computing and IT, including publications, grant writing and conference presentations.
  3. Contribute positively to society through responsible, professional, and ethical IT practice and research.
Upon graduation, a UOB graduate in PhD in Computing and Information Sciences program should be able to:

  1. Critically apply theories, methodologies, and knowledge to address fundamental questions in their primary area of study. (Research, Critical Thinking, Knowledge)
  2. Pursue original and significant research in the discipline or an interdisciplinary or creative project. (Research, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  3. Demonstrate significant and broad skills in oral and written communication sufficient to publish and communicate results of research in their field and to prepare grant proposals. (Communication)
  4. Operate in a complex environment and adhere to the principles of professionalism and ethical conduct in their field and in academia. (Ethics)
  5. Demonstrate, through service, the value of their discipline to the academy and community at large. (Service, Content Knowledge)
  6. Critically analyze, evaluate and/or synthesize complex ideas and information to develop creative and original responses to problems and issues. (Research, Critical Thinking, Knowledge)
  7. Interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds as both leaders/mentors and team members with integrity and professionalism. (Communication, Leadership)
To be admitted to the PhD Program in Computing and Information Sciences, the applicant shall fulfil the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must have a master degree in Computing* discipline from the University of Bahrain or an equivalent degree from a recognized university with a GPA of at least (3.00) on a 4-point scale, or an equivalent grade according to other evaluation systems.
  2. The degree that a student holds should be achieved through a full-time study in a specialization that qualifies him/her to join the program.
  3. Pass the personal interview to be held at the college.
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation from two staff members from the university they graduated from.
  5. Pass the college’s written examination to verify their academic standing.
  6. The student must satisfy the English proficiency requirements of the University for PhD Program admission. A score of at least 550 in TOEFL or 6.00 in Academic IETLS is required.
  7. Any other requirements as stipulated by the university rules.
*Computing: computer science, computer engineering, information systems, information technology or any related title where IT study is a major.