DrLamyaAlJasmyThe College of Information Technology is a remarkable educational environment for talented students to gain current academic experience through a variety of internationally accredited programs and up-to-date courses that are responsive to rapid changes in technology, industry, employer needs and the changes in the national economic priorities.

As the first national college in Information Technology in Bahrain, our goals are to stimulate a thirst for knowledge and life-long learning within our students, and to inspire them to succeed in their careers through a spirit of independence, innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

Technological innovations are in demand in many different fields and occupations. New ideas and creative skills are needed to make those fields more effective, efficient, and able to cope with the accelerating changes in society. Starting from the government, businesses, sales, education, healthcare to industry.

Changes and adjustments are needed to create new jobs opportunities. The College of Information technology seeks to contribute directly to the economic growth and development of our beloved country Bahrain. With programs supported by leading edge learning and teaching, IT students and graduates can translate their knowledge, new ideas, and innovations into business opportunities and tangible reality to become entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the College of Information Technology supports the engagement in research with national and regional impact that flourishes the economy and the success of our community.

There are around 2000 students pursuing various degrees in the College of Information Technology. The skillful workforce at the College of Information Technology includes more than 75 faculty members who collaborate and work hard to deliver eight undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate programs include Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Network Engineering, and Software Engineering. The graduate programs include Masters in Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Software Engineering.

As the dean of the College of Information Technology, I look forward to collaborating with our stakeholders to continue building powerful and effective educational programs.

Dr Lamya Mohamed Aljasmi
Dean of the College of Information Technology