A world-class college that is recognized for the excellence in learning, research and entrepreneurship in information technology.




To contribute directly to the economic growth and development of Bahrain, supported by leading edge learning and teaching, research with national and regional impact, and local engagement and international reputation.

Strategic Goals

    1. World-Class Learning and Teaching

      • The learning and teaching philosophies are responsive to changes in technology, employer needs and changes in the national priority of economic sectors.
      • The learning and teaching philosophies are based on principles of international academic standards and an industry-led curriculum where students are encouraged to develop the necessary soft skills required by the labor market and be inspired to become lifelong learners and succeed in their careers.
      • The college will foster to maintain faculty members of high-quality. The faculty members are continuously skilled with leading edge academic standards and up-to-date technologies.

    2. Research with National and Regional Impact

      The college will direct its research efforts towards local and regional ICT related issues through international collaboration with regional stakeholders.The college will also concentrate on research that has high impact on industry, business, government and wider society through focusing on creating multi -disciplinary research.

    3. Innovative and Entrepreneurial Environment

      The college will develop innovative and entrepreneurial culture through its dynamic learning system, skilled faculty members, creative students, and policies.

    4. Local and International Engagement

      The college will support the social and economic development in Bahrain through local and international partnerships with the industry, business and government.

    5. Sustainable Infrastructure and Human Resources

      The college will promote a sustainable development of infrastructure and human resources that serve effectively towards achieving the excellence in learning, research, and entrepreneurship.